Appraiser Licensing

Appraiser licensing varies from state to state. To participate in what is called a “federally-relatedtransaction,” which is, for example, a mortgage being underwritten by a national bank, an appraisermust be licensed or certified by his or her state. The license

Appraiser Ethics

Pamela Evans maintains the highest professional ethics The rigors of becoming a licensed appraiser have become more difficult than ever in the past. So it goes without question in this day and age that real estate appraisal can unquestionably be

Pamela Evans Appraisal Reviews

According to a statement by the Federal Reserve (click here), “financial institutions must have an effective, independent real estate appraisal and evaluation program” and that appraisers undertaking reviews ought to “have the knowledge and expertise to assess compliance with the Federal Reserve’s appraisal regulations